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Salto Natale impresarios Gregory (31) and Rolf Knie (59) have put together a fascinating new programme featuring 36 artistes from eight different countries. The new show interlaces comedy, acrobatics, music and ballet to create a surprisingly coherent, incomparable whole. That is the style of Salto Natale: the circus with a difference. The sixth programme to date of this relatively young undertaking is called "elegance" - a name that could scarcely be more apposite!

The new big top fitted with 1,200 brightly coloured bucket seats provides even more scope for creativity. The Spanish choreographer Carmen Mota and her "Ballet Español" have been part of Salto Natale since 2004, while the most recent addition to the company is the ensemble of six strikingly pretty Chinese musicians now making their debut.

The elegance of the name is perhaps best personified by Polina Volchek, an extraordinarily lithe Muscovite who combines aerial acrobatics with hula-hoop and contortion, while the Jinan chair-balancing act of 22- and 20-year-old Lili Fang and Haito Kong of China is sure to have the audience in raptures.